Our wellbeing services provide an opportunity for all to develop and learn skills to maintain, develop and support their overall wellbeing. The DFMH are passionate to facilitate and encourage the prevention of mental ill health, helping individuals and organizations promote a wellness inspired culture that normalizes self-care and support.

As a charity we are able to provide services that in-turn help provide support individuals with long term, chronic and enduring mental ill health. Therefore choosing to use of our wellbeing services provides vital and invaluable means that keeps on giving.

Our services range from face to face and online workshops and courses that enable safe and comfortable learning. In tough times it can often be difficult to know where to go and how to access support from others, and ourselves. Our wellbeing services provide stepping stones to help individuals feel empowered and supported within their difficult times.

Our workshops and courses cover a range of topics around mental health and wellbeing, including;

  • Understanding anxiety and depression
  • Mindfulness
  • Living within midlife
  • Work based wellbeing, living within a ‘New Normal’
  • Work based wellbeing for managers and employees
  • Wellbeing for carers
  • Bespoke mental heath awareness and wellbeing training