Telephone Support

A listening ear when you need it

The Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health (DFMH), along with Rethink Mental Illness and People, Potential, Possibilities (P3), are delivering a Recovery and Peer Support Service to help people improve and maintain their mental health and wellbeing and reconnect with their local community.

This service is open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Derbyshire who is experiencing mental ill health, and will offer access to targeted face to face support from staff, telephone support and community groups.

The DFMH provide telephone support through the provision of an experienced telephone support worker, (TSW), and covers the areas of Derbyshire Dales and High Peak (other areas covered by the other providers).

What is telephone support?

Telephone support is a specialist listening service specifically devised to improve the mental wellbeing of individuals. The service would usually be a weekly telephone call which lasts 20 minutes for an agreed assessed period of time.

How can telephone support help?

Each telephone support session is individually tailored to meet the person’s needs – please note this is not a counselling service. Clients may:

  • Talk about their thoughts and feelings
  • Develop techniques and strategies to improve their mental wellbeing
  • Setting manageable goals and devising strategies to meet these goals
  • Discussing how to plan day–to-day activities
  • Accessing support from self-help groups, mental health services and other agencies

Thank you so much. You’ve really helped and the support has been fantastic.

You’ve been a great help. It’s nice to talk to someone who understands. It has helped me.

Thank you. I’ve found it really helpful. It has helped me to think clearer.

Thank you. It’s really helped me. It’s good to talk.

It’s been really really helpful. You’re lovely

Thank you very much. You really helped me out when I needed it. You sorted a GP appointment and supported me.

Thank you for your weekly calls and listening to me natter. You got me out of a dark hole.

It's great! I feel like I have someone to talk to and it really helps.

How can I get the service?

In order to register for the free service, please contact the Single Point of Access team on 01773 734989.

Alternatively telephone support, tailor made to the individual, can be purchased either via Direct Payments/Personal Budgets or Private Contracts.  Please contact the DFMH main office on 01629 733915 for further details.

What are the benefits of telephone support?

  • It provides access to quality mental health support services in Derbyshire. The provision of a support worker on the end of a telephone line has encouraged some individuals to take up support without the stress of leaving their homes and travelling.
  • The service has also aided individuals by signposting them to other agencies/professional bodies/organisations, who can also assist with their recovery   The TSW can signpost individuals as per above, and also if an individual seems to have deteriorated in terms of their mental health, then the worker has the skills, experience and capacity to link this back to the primary and secondary mental health support providers i.e. GPs, Community Mental Health Team (CMHTs).
  • It offers an alternative form of support; to better suit some individuals circumstances and preferred method of communication.  During assessment for Federation services, some clients have opted for telephone support as opposed to face to face support.  This has been particularly helpful for those individuals who find face to face communication, or allowing people access to their homes difficult. Some clients have also found that they prefer the private element of the service – not having to be seen with a worker or enter a building people know delivers mental health services. This is usually because of stigma issues.


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